Is there any free Microsoft Office training online?
Yes, Microsoft offers free online training for all its Office programs. You can find more information about each program's related training on the Microsoft Office Training website.
Can a dba Access the VMware vCenter Server database?
Yes, a DBA can access the VMware vCenter Server database. The vCenter Server database contains all of the settings, configuration information, and performance data that is stored in the vCenter Server environment. Depending on the database engine being used for a particular deployment, the DBA may need additional permissions to access the database.
How do I uninstall Microsoft Office?
The best way to uninstall Microsoft Office is to go to your Start menu and select Control Panel. From the Control Panel select Programs and Features, then select Microsoft Office from the list of programs and click on Uninstall. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the uninstallation.
What is an example of a police officer's right to search?
An example of a police officer's right to search is when they have probable cause to believe a vehicle contains evidence of a crime they can search that vehicle without a warrant.
How do you restore OneDrive?
The process of restoring OneDrive depends on what type of data you need to restore. If you need to restore individual files or folders, you can visit the OneDrive Recycle Bin on the web, select the items you want to restore, and click Restore. If you need to restore an entire OneDrive account, you can use the OneDrive Restore feature. This feature will restore any files and folders that were deleted in the past 30 days. To access this feature, open your OneDrive account on the web and select the Restore feature from the left navigation menu. If a single OneDrive file was deleted more than 30 days ago, you can try restoring it by clicking the ellipsis button next to the file in the Recycle Bin and selecting Version History. From here, you can select the version of the file you want to restore and click Restore.
What happens if I delete a user from OneDrive?
When you delete a user's OneDrive account, that user will no longer be able to access and sync their stored files and folders. All of the stored files and folders themselves will remain in the OneDrive, but they will no longer be accessible or manageable by the deleted user.
How can law enforcement access encrypted content?
Law enforcement can access encrypted content using legal mechanisms, such as court-issued search warrants and subpoenas to compel service providers, device owners, or other third parties to decrypt the content or provide access to it. Law enforcement can also use technical means such as digital forensics software, cryptanalysis, and other methods to try and decrypt the content. In some cases, law enforcement may also use special techniques such as “brute force” attacks to attempt to decrypt an encrypted data.
How do I access the metadata for a hosted feature layer?
In order to access the metadata for a hosted feature layer you can use EsriArcGIS REST API, which is a hosted web service that provides access to spatial data and metadata. Additionally, you can use Esri Desktop software to query the layer's code and retrieve the metadata about the layer.
What qualifications are necessary to get security officer jobs?
Qualifications typically necessary for security guards and security officers include a high school diploma or GED, a valid driver’s license and a permit or license for the specific state in which one wishes to work. Many employers also require training in special topics, such as crime prevention, conflict resolution and customer service relations. Additionally, some employers may require satisfactory results on drug tests as well as criminal background checks.
How can IAM frameworks improve user access control?
IAM frameworks can improve user access control by providing a range of tools and processes to ensure users only have access to the resources and information that is appropriate for their role and that unauthorized users cannot access sensitive data. Examples of features found within an IAM framework include user provisioning, single-sign-on functionality, multi-factor authentication, authorization management, and analytics. These tools enable organizations to regulate and monitor user access for any given system, making sure that the right people have access to the right data. Additionally, IAM frameworks can provide automated processes to regularly review user access, ensuring that users no longer have access to resources they are no longer entitled to.


What is the support period for office 2019?
Office 2019 will have a one-time purchase option for a perpetual license with no future updates. This means that Office 2019 will only receive critical security updates until the January 10, 2023 and will have no other feature updates or fixes after that time.
How to restrict access to Active Directory in Office 365?
1. Use Multi-Factor Authentication. Multi-Factor Authentication can help protect your Active Directory in Office 365 by requiring two or more authentication steps to log in and verify user identity, making it much more difficult for hackers to gain access. 2. Restrict access to specific IP address and ranges. System admins can use IP address filtering to limit access to Active Directory in Office 365 to certain IP address and ranges. This ensures that only authorized parties have access to the directory. 3. Set strong passwords for each user. All users should have unique and strong passwords set in Office 365. Weak passwords are one of the most common ways a hacker can gain access to Active Directory. 4. Implement a password policy. Set a password policy in Office 365 requiring users to periodically reset their passwords, prohibiting the use of simple passwords, and implementing an expiration policy. This helps keep unauthorized parties out of your Active Directory. 5. Regularly monitor activity. Regularly check the activity of users connected to your Active Directory to ensure no suspicious activity or possible malicious intent is taking place. 6. Use applications and services that integrate with Active Directory. Consider using applications and services that integrate with your Active Directory to help further enhance security. These can help restrict access and make it easier to monitor the activity.
How to convert Google Drive to OneDrive automatically?
Unfortunately, there is no way to automatically convert files from Google Drive to OneDrive. You will need to manually download and upload your files to the other service in order to transfer them.
How to start OneDrive manually?
Open the Start Menu, type "OneDrive," and then click the OneDrive desktop app to open it. Alternatively, you can open the Run dialogue window (Windows + R) and type “onedrive”. This will also open the OneDrive desktop app.
What are the requirements for Microsoft Office Specialist?
1. Candidates must pass one of Microsoft's Office Specialist certification exams to become a Microsoft Office Specialist. 2. The exam must be taken at an authorized testing center. 3. The candidate must pass with a score of 700 or higher on a scale of 100-1000. 4. Candidates must demonstrate proficiency in the specific Office application or program they wish to be certified in. 5. The candidate must have knowledge in the following areas: working with programs, manipulating documents, setting up style guidelines, and creating graphics and presentation files. 6. Candidates must be familiar with the usage of tools, formatting and data analysis procedures, tables, databases, and spreadsheet calculation. 7. Knowledge of the latest version of Microsoft Office is recommended, as well as general computer proficiency with Windows-based systems. 8. A valid government-issued ID and proof of age is also required.
Can you recycle old cellphones and batteries at Office Depot?
Yes, Office Depot offers a cell phone and battery recycling program. Customers can drop off their old cell phones and batteries to be recycled free of charge.