How to show and hide rulers in LibreOffice Writer?
1. To show the rulers in LibreOffice Writer, go to the “View” menu, select “Rulers” and check the box next to “Show rulers”. This will display the horizontal and vertical rulers at the top and left of the document. 2. To hide the rulers, uncheck the box next to “Show rulers”. This will hide both of the rulers in the document window.
How does office furniture affect office productivity?
Office furniture can have a positive or negative effect on office productivity. If furniture is comfortable and ergonomically designed, employees are more likely to be productive and focused. If furniture is cheap and uncomfortable, it could lead to back pain, poor posture, and other health problems that can reduce productivity. Additionally, having a well-organized space and clean furniture will often help create a more positive and comfortable work environment, making employees more productive and focused on their tasks.
How many quarters of the world will access the Internet by 2025?
It is difficult to answer this question precisely, as estimates vary greatly. According to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), global internet penetration is expected to reach average of over 75% by 2025. This would mean that at least three quarters of the world would access the Internet by 2025. Other estimates are much higher, putting the number at over 90%. Regardless of the exact figure, it is safe to say that the majority of the world's population will have access to the Internet by 2025.
How to add a combo box in Office 365?
1. Open the Office 365 application (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) that you wish to add the combo box to. 2. Click on the "Insert" tab. 3. Click on the "Shapes" button. 4. Select the combo box shape. 5. Click and drag your mouse to draw the combo box in your document. 6. Right-click on the combo box and select "Edit Text". 7. Enter the text options you want in your combo box. 8. Click outside the combo box to save it.
How have digital technologies changed our outlook on the world?
Digital technologies have fundamentally changed the way people view the world. They provide us with instant access to information, allowing us to learn more about cultures, events, and news from around the world. Digital technologies have broken down physical and geographical boundaries, creating an interconnected global network to which individuals have access. They have also revolutionized communication, making it easier to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and fostering an international dialogue on issues of importance. Finally, digital technologies have enabled us to create and share our own content, broadening the ways in which we can express our ideas and experiences.
Can the rest of World achieve universal internet access by 2030?
Yes. Universal internet access by 2030 is achievable if the right economic and political conditions are in place. Governments must make substantial investments in internet infrastructure, including technology and telecommunications, and policies that promote affordable and reliable access for all. Private companies must also invest in increased broadband speeds, greater reliability and lower costs for everyone. If all these stakeholders invest in these areas and collaborate, then universal internet access by 2030 is a realistic goal.
What is the Open XML SDK for Microsoft Office 2013?
The Open XML SDK for Microsoft Office 2013 (Open XML SDK 2.5) is a .NET-based SDK used for manipulating Open XML documents, such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. It provides a set of tools for working with the new Office Open XML formats, as well as a detailed set of documentation for each of the APIs and features available with Open XML. The Open XML SDK exposes a wide range of features to help developers read, write, create and modify Open XML documents, and is available for free on the Microsoft Download Center.
how secure is onenote
OneNote is as secure as any other Office 365 program. Microsoft has implemented multiple security controls, such as encryption and two-factor authentication, to help protect your information saved in OneNote. Microsoft also offers additional security controls and options to help keep data secure.
How do I access my backup files?
You can access your backup files by downloading them from the cloud storage account or the server you are backing up to, or by restoring them from the backup disc or set of backup discs that you are using.
What is data confidentiality and integrity and accessibility?
Data Confidentiality is the protection of data from unauthorized access and disclosure, meaning that only approved individuals can access sensitive information. Data Integrity is the assurance that data is accurate, complete, and consistent throughout the information life cycle. Lastly, Data Accessibility is the ability to access data in a timely manner and when it’s needed.


Are office chairs made in the USA?
It depends on the specific manufacturer and model of the office chair. Some office chairs are made in the USA, while others are made overseas.
What is the difference between Office 2016 professional and home and student?
Office 2016 Professional includes the full suite of office applications, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, and Access. Home and Student edition includes only Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. The Professional edition also has additional features such as cloud storage, enhanced security and compliance tools, and access to services like Skype for Business.
Can a police officer make an arrest if she didn't witness?
Yes, a police officer can make an arrest if he or she did not witness the alleged crime. A police officer can make an arrest based on an eyewitness report, a complaint from a victim, or evidence suggesting criminal activity.
How to sign out of OneDrive for business on Windows 10?
1. Open the start menu and type in "OneDrive" into the search bar. 2. Right click the OneDrive icon and select "Exit". 3. You should now be signed out of OneDrive for business on Windows 10.
What makes a great office culture and why is it important?
A great office culture is one in which employees feel acknowledged and appreciated for their hard work. This includes coworkers showing appreciation for each other's contributions, creating a positive and uplifting workplace atmosphere, demonstrating respect for each other, providing honest and constructive feedback, and encouraging collaboration and idea-sharing. A great office culture also promotes work-life balance, competitive salaries and benefits, and flexible work arrangements. It’s important to have a great office culture because it helps to create a sense of belonging and encourages people to work hard and stay with a company. It also keeps employee morale high, leading to improved productivity and success.
What is a remote office phone system?
A remote office phone system is a telecommunications system that allows employees of a business to take and make calls from a remote location, usually through their own personal phone. Calls can be routed to either the remote office or to the main office's phone system. This setup can also be referred to as a “Virtual Office” or “Virtual Office Phone System.” Remote office phone systems can be very useful for companies that have multiple locations, or for businesses where employees work from home. The major advantage of a remote office phone system is the ability to keep phone costs low and enable employees to make and take calls from anywhere.