How does myosin bind to actin?

Myosin binds to actin via a “hit-and-run” mechanism. Myosin is composed of two heavy chains that have a binding head consisting of a regulatory light chain and a motor domain. When activated, the motor domain binds to the exposed binding sites on an actin filament. Once attached, myosin pulls the actin filament in a cycle of releasing, binding and contracting until equilibrium is reached and the muscle fiber relaxes.
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What is a frameset element?

A frameset element is an HTML tag used to divide a web page into multiple frames, or sub-windows, each of which can show an independent HTML document. It is used to divide a web page into different sections, with each section able to display its own content.

What is the relationship between vapor pressure and temperature?

The vapor pressure of a liquid increases as its temperature increases. This is because when the temperature rises, the average kinetic energy of the molecules increases, allowing them to move more quickly and gain enough energy to escape the liquid and enter the gas phase. As the number of molecules in the gas phase increases, the vapor pressure of the liquid also increases.

Are deer stalking and game shooting legal in the UK?

Yes, deer stalking and game shooting are legal activities in the UK, subject to certain licencing and safety regulations. Shooting of wildfowl and other birds is also legal, with some exceptions.


What happens to employees when a company is winding up?
When a company is winding up, it typically means that the company will go out of business. Employees will usually be notified of the winding up and be given reasonable time to search for new employment. In the event of redundancy, employers should offer reasonable financial support to their employees and provide assistance with job searching. Some employers may also offer outplacement services, such as providing advice on career options, resume writing services and job placement assistance.
What are the questions in the cloud certification exam?
The questions for the cloud certification exam can vary by provider. Generally, however, common topics include cloud computing fundamentals, cloud architecture & design, cloud storage & management, network & security within the cloud, cloud automation & orchestration, cloud cost optimization & performance, cloud disaster recovery & business continuity, and compliance & regulatory considerations.
How do I find out if a college is accredited?
You can check if a college is accredited by going onto the website of the accrediting agency that accredited the college. It will usually specify which accreditation agency the college is affiliated with on their website. You can also check the U.S. Department of Education’s website ( to look up the college’s accreditation status. Additionally, you can ask the college directly whether they are accredited, usually via email or phone.
How do I create a project in Google Cloud?
1. Sign in to Google Cloud with your Google Account. 2. At the top right of the console, click the “Create Project” button. 3. Enter a name and an optional project ID for your project. 4. Choose a Billing Account from the drop-down list. 5. Click the “Create” button. 6. After a few moments, the new project should appear in your list of projects on the left side of the window. 7. Return to the main dashboard and you will be able to start creating resources in your new project.
How much do I have to pay for ambulance transport?
The cost of ambulance transport depends on a number of factors, including where you are being transported from and to, the type of ambulance service you require (standard, advanced or critical care), and your insurance coverage. Some factors, such as distance and type of transport, can affect the cost significantly. Your local ambulance provider or health insurance carrier can provide more information on the specific cost for your situation.
What is Amazon Lumberyard used for?
Amazon Lumberyard is a free and fully-featured game engine for creating 3D games. It is used for developing 3D games for PC, console, virtual reality, and mobile devices. It is also used for creating immersive experiences such as VR experiences, enterprise simulations, and cloud-based applications. Amazon Lumberyard provides a complete suite of tools for game development, including real-time asset authoring, an AI system for creation of interactive characters, as well as an integrated platform for social features and user engagement.