What are usage metrics in CloudWatch?

Usage metrics in Amazon CloudWatch refer to the data that helps you understand the usage and performance of your AWS resources. This can include metrics such as CPU utilization, disk usage, memory usage, and network throughput. These metrics allow you to detect and diagnose performance issues with your applications and services, ensuring the best user experience and maximum efficiency.
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Are ladybugs good or bad?

Ladybugs are generally seen as beneficial because they are natural predators, eating pests that eat plants. However, some species of ladybug can be a nuisance as they can eat plants and some species can become a pest if their population becomes too large.

What is the difference between receiving blankets and swaddle blankets?

Receiving blankets are usually light and thin, made of cotton or flannel, and are typically used for laying baby down for a diaper change, swaddling, or as a burp cloth. Swaddle blankets are heavier and thicker, typically made from a stretchy, breathable material, such as muslin, and are used to wrap baby tightly and securely to help them feel safe and secure.

What are the features of iPhone XS?

1. 5.8-inch Super Retina OLED edge-to-edge display 2. TrueDepth front camera with FaceID facial recognition technology 3. Dual 12MP rear cameras with optical image stabilization and advanced Bokeh and Depth Control capabilities 4. Durable IP68 water resistant design 5. A12 Bionic chipset with Neural Engine 6. 4K video recording with extended dynamic range 7. Wireless charging capabilities 8. FaceTime HD camera with Retina Flash 9. Up to 512GB storage capacity 10. Fast-charging capabilities with USB-C to Lightning cable


Can I send an email on Sunday?
Yes, you can send an email on Sunday. However, if you are sending it to a business or organization, please keep in mind that many offices are closed on weekends and so their staff may not be able to respond to your message until the following business day.
What is the smallest weird number?
There is no such thing as the "smallest weird number." A weird number is any integer that can be represented as the sum of two prime numbers in any order. As there are an infinite number of prime numbers, there can be an infinite number of weird numbers, so there is no smallest weird number.
How are PMMA microfluidic chips manufactured?
PMMA microfluidic chips are typically manufactured through a process known as two-photon polymerization (2PP). In 2PP, a laser beam focused through an objective lens is used to form an image of a 3D microfluidic device design on a specially designed substrate. The laser energy is then used to scan the substrate and create a cross-linked polymer network precursors referred to as resist. This resists the flow of tiny droplets of liquid or gas within the micro-channels created by the scanning laser. After scanning is complete, the resist is removed, leaving behind the microfluidic device.
What can you do in the forest with kids?
1. Have a picnic. 2. Go nature spotting. 3. Identify trees and plants. 4. Go for a scavenger hunt. 5. Have a campfire and make s’mores. 6. Explore natural ponds and streams. 7. Go on a nature walk. 8. Listen to the sounds of nature. 9. Play outdoor games. 10. Build a tree house.
What is bryostatin-1?
Bryostatin-1 is a macrocyclic lactone compound which is extracted from the marine organism Bugula neritina. It has been studied extensively for its possible therapeutic and immunomodulatory properties as a potential treatment for certain types of cancer, autoimmune diseases, and Alzheimer's disease, among others. Currently, it is undergoing clinical trials to determine its efficacy and safety.
What is a frame structure called?
A frame structure is called a skeletal frame.