What S3 actions are recorded by cloudtrail?

The following S3 actions are recorded by CloudTrail: • Put/Get/Delete Bucket and Object • Create/Delete/List/Modify Access Control List • Create/Delete/List/Modify Bucket Policy • Create/Delete/List/Modify Object Tags • Initiate Multipart Uploads • Upload/Abort/Complete Multipart Uploads
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What is the 4th highest mountain in the Philippines?

The fourth highest mountain in the Philippines is Mount Dulang-Dulang, located in the Kitanglad Mountain Range in the province of Bukidnon. It has an elevation of 2,938 meters (9,639 feet).

What is the difference between CloudWatch events and cloudtrail?

CloudWatch Events allows users to create automated responses to events that are generated by the application, including configuration changes, service events, and availability changes. CloudTrail tracks the API calls made by your applications, users, and services, and records them as log files in an S3 bucket. CloudTrail provides visibility into user activity, resource operations, and changes to your AWS resources. CloudWatch Events is more focused on responding to events generated by the application, whereas CloudTrail provides a broader view of the type of calls that are being made in the AWS environment.

How do I access the Google Admin Console?

You can access the Google Admin Console by signing in to your Google account. Once you have signed in, you will be taken to the Admin Console, where you can manage and administer all of your Google products.


What is the history of Camberley?
Camberley has been inhabited since prehistoric times, with flint tools being discovered in many areas. It was an important area for the early Britons and Romans, with the remains of a trackway from the era being discovered. During the Middle Ages, Camberley was a small hamlet in the parish of Farnborough and remained relatively insignificant until the late eighteenth century when it became an important stagecoach stop on the London to Exeter route. The rise of Camberley can be attributed to the Royal Military College which opened in 1812 by royal proclamation. During its heyday, the college was one of the most important military establishments in the British Empire and its links to the royal family drew a great number of visitors. The 20th century saw Camberley's population swell thanks to its close proximity to London. During WWII, the light anti-aircraft firing range relocated to Deepcut and the military presence in Camberley grew substantially. The 1960s onwards saw a period of rapid growth in Camberley as it developed into a commuter town for those employed in London, with a large number of housing developments and a new Town Centre also opening up. Today, Camberley is a prosperous and vibrant town, popular with tourists and residents alike. Its rich history, coupled with its close proximity to London, making it an attractive destination for those looking to explore the Surrey Heath area.
What is the difference between objective and scientific objectivity?
Objective means free from bias or prejudice, whereas scientific objectivity means when research is conducted in a way that removes empirical and theoretical biases from the process. Objective judgment is based on unbiased observations and evidence, while scientific objectivity is based on an and logically rigorous methodology.
Are Chinese detention camps 'humane'?
No, Chinese detention camps are not considered to be humane. Reports have documented instances of torture and abuse in the camps, and other human rights violations. In addition, inmates are reportedly subjected to extreme surveillance, such as round-the-clock monitoring and in some cases have been forced to undergo re-education and indoctrination.
How do you unlock a mouse pad on a laptop?
Most laptop mouse pads are unlocked by default so pressing down or moving your finger on the pad should move the cursor on the screen. If you are unable to move the cursor and the laptop mouse pad is locked, you will need to enable the mouse pad in the settings. Depending on the type of laptop and its operating system, the exact steps may vary, but generally you can unlock a mouse pad by going to the Control Panel, clicking on Mouse, and enabling the touchpad.The function key for the mouse pad on a laptop is usually labelled as "Fn" and is usually located near the bottom-left corner of the keyboard.The quickest and easiest way to unlock the touchpad on a laptop is to use the F6 key. This key is located near the top of the keyboard and when pressed will toggle the touchpad on and off. Some other ways of unlocking a laptop’s touchpad may vary depending on the laptop manufacturer and/or model, so please refer to the user guide of your device for further instructions.Most computers have a feature known as trackpad or touchpad, which is used instead of a mouse. To enable the trackpad, press the "Fn" key (Function) and the specific key for the touchpad (usually one of the F keys along the top row of the keyboard). If the touchpad does not turn on, you can check the touchpad settings in your laptop settings or the mouse settings in your computer settings.It is not possible to unlock a mouse pad on a laptop. Some laptop mouse pads can be disabled in the device's settings, but they cannot be unlocked.
Where are the Alps located?
The Alps are located in central Europe, stretching across parts of Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Slovenia, and Switzerland.
How long does food packaging take to decompose?
The answer to this question depends on the type of food packaging. Generally, plastic takes anywhere from 20 to 400 years to decompose, while aluminum and some cardboard packaging can take up to 80 years. Biodegradable packaging can decompose much more quickly, usually within a few months.