How do I add a new user to my Google account?

1. Sign in to your Google Account. 2. Select “Manage your Google Account” from the top panel. 3.Among the items listed, select “People & Sharing”. 4.Under “People pane” you can add a new user, click “Add Person+”. 5. Enter the email address and click “Send Invitation”.
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What diseases cause balance issues?

1. Vestibular disorders (i.e. labyrinthitis and Meniere's disease): These medical conditions involve a disruption of the inner ear system and deficits in the vestibular system which can cause balance issues. 2. Stroke: A stroke can cause damage to the nervous system and impair balance due to a lack of coordination between the brain, nerves and muscles. 3. Multiple Sclerosis: Damage to myelin in the central nervous system can affect the body’s ability to maintain balance and coordination. 4. Parkinson’s Disease: This neurological disorder can cause a person's sense of balance to be impaired, due to problems with the vestibular system, muscles, and nerves. 5. Diabetes: Complications from diabetes can cause peripheral neuropathy, affecting the nerves that are involved in balance and coordination.

What are the examples of JavaScript declaration?

1. var x = 5; 2. let y = 10; 3. const z = 15; 4. let height, width; 5. var price = 19.99; 6. let name = "John"; 7. const isAdmin = true; 8. let car = {make: "vw", model: "jetta"};

How does the use of power electronics in electrical apparatus help?

Power electronics in electrical apparatus helps to increase the efficiency of electric machines and to control the speed, voltage, current, power factor and direction of electrical power. It acts as an interface between the electrical power source, electrical load and the conversion process. Power electronics can also be used to improve the reliability of an electrical system, reduce the size and weight of electrical equipment, reduce the heat generated by electric machinery and equipment, increase the power output of electric machinery, and reduce the cost of operation.


How do you ship a poster?
Poster prints and other framed art prints can be shipped using bubble wrap, box corners, packing peanuts, and other packaging materials, depending on the size and weight of the item. The poster should be wrapped in bubble wrap and then carefully placed in a box with enough room to prevent movement during shipping, and any damage to the print. A fragile label should be applied to the box. Professional shipping services, like USPS and FedEx, also offer packing and shipping services for posters and framed prints.
What is the power MOSFET frequency?
The power MOSFET frequency depends on the specific device and its application. Generally, the frequency range of power MOSFETs can be from a few MHz up to several GHz.
What is an education health and care plan (EHC)?
An education health and care plan (EHC) is an official document that details the special educational needs of a child or young person and sets out the support they should receive in order to help them reach their educational goals. It is jointly created by the local education authority, health and care professionals and the child or young person’s parents or carers. An EHC plan identifies what extra help the child needs and how it can be provided. It may include details on the type of school to be attended, the type of help to be offered, who should be involved in delivering and monitoring the provision, potential outcomes and review points.
How do you find the range of an inequality?
The range of an inequality is found by substituting the upper and lower limits of the inequality into the equation. To find the upper limit, substitute the highest value variable into the equation then solve for the variable. To find the lower limit, substitute the lowest value variable into the equation then solve for the variable. The range consists of all possible solutions of the given inequality that are within the limits specified.
Are silicone baking mats freezer safe?
Yes, silicone baking mats are freezer safe. They can be used in temperatures ranging from -40°F to 500°F (-40°C to 260°C).
How can I get a loan with bad credit score?
There are a few ways to get a loan with a bad credit score. You may be able to get a secured loan by offering collateral, such as a vehicle or savings account, to the lender. Alternatively, you may be able to receive a loan from a non-traditional lender who specializes in bad credit loans. You may also have luck with certain government programs or with lenders that work with credit unions or nonprofit organizations. It’s also important to check your credit score so that you have an accurate picture of your creditworthiness. Banks and lenders may offer loans to people with bad credit if they have other factors that may compensate for the low credit score. These factors can include a steady income, a large down payment, or a high collateral item to secure the loan.