Is it bad to have two antivirus on Windows 10?
Having two antivirus programs installed on a Windows 10 computer can cause serious conflicts and puts your system in danger. It is recommended to only have one active antivirus program installed at a time.
How to block or unblock websites in Windows 10?
To block or unblock websites in Windows 10, you must first open up the Windows Defender Firewall. To do this, simply click the Start button, then click control panel, then double click the Windows Defender Firewall icon. In the left-hand column of the Firewall window, click “Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall.” Here, you can add or exclude programs and services you want to allow or block. To block a website, click the “Customize Settings” button under the “Inbound Rules” section. On the next window, click “New Rule,” followed by “Website” under the “Programs” category. Select “Block the Connection” and click “Next.” Now, choose a name for the rule in the “Name” field. Under the “Protocols and Ports” section, choose “Any” for Protocol and “Any” for Local Port. Finally, enter the website’s URL in the “Remote IP address” section. Click Finish when done. To unblock a website, follow the same steps until you reach the “Name” field. This time, however, change the action to “Allow the Connection.” Then, enter the website’s URL in the “Remote IP address” section and click Finish.
What is SYSTEM32 folder in Windows 10?
The SYSTEM32 folder in Windows 10 is a core part of the operating system and contains vital system files and applications. It is located in the C:\Windows\System32 folder and is used to store 64-bit .dll files, drivers, and other system-related programs. It is also used for running 32-bit programs within a 64-bit operating system.
Is macOS a good alternative to Windows 7?
Yes, macOS is a good alternative to Windows 7. For many users, macOS offers a reliable and secure operating system that is easy to use. It is not as customizable as Windows 7, but it is more secure thanks to features like FileVault encryption and a built-in malware scanner.
How to screenshot Windows 10?
1. Press the "PrtScr" (Print Screen) key in the upper right corner of your keyboard. This will take a screenshot of your entire screen and save it to your clipboard. 2. To save the screenshot, open an image editing program such as Paint and press Ctrl + V to paste the screenshot. 3. Once the screenshot is in the program, click the "File" option in the upper left corner and click "Save As". Choose a location to save the file and type in a file name for the file. 4. Finally, choose the file type you would like to save the image as. If you're unsure, go with JPEG which is the most widely used image type.
How to increase idle time in Windows 8?
1. Press the Windows Key + R to open the Run command. 2. Type in "regedit" and press enter. 3. In regedit, navigate to the following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\IdleStartPages 4. On the right side, double click on the setting "IdleWaitTimeout". 5. In the box that appears, change the number under "Value data" from the default 1800 (30 minutes) to something higher. The higher the value the longer the idle time. 6. Reboot your computer for the changes to take effect.
What to do if there are no previous versions on Windows 10?
If you are unable to find any previous versions of Windows installed on your computer, this likely means that you have either never updated Windows or your computer only came with Windows 10 pre-installed. In this case, you can reset your computer to its factory settings. This will remove any changes you've made, as well as any programs or files you have installed. To do this, open the Windows Settings menu, select "Update & Security" and then select the "Recovery" tab. Click the "Reset this PC" button and follow the instructions.
Can Surface devices be upgraded to Windows 10?
Yes, it is possible to upgrade a Surface device to Windows 10. To do this, connect your device to the internet, and then select the Start button followed by Settings > Update & security > Windows Update > Check for updates. You will then proceed with the normal Windows 10 setup and installation.
How to open UWP File Explorer on Windows 10?
1. Open the Start Menu 2. Type "File Explorer" into the search box. 3. Click on the File Explorer icon found in the results. 4. The UWP File Explorer will open up displaying your folders on the left side and the contents of your current folder on the right.
How do I enable software restriction in Windows XP?
To enable Software Restriction Policies (SRP) on Windows XP, follow these steps: 1. Open the Start menu and select “Run”. 2. Type “gpedit.msc” and press Enter. 3. Navigate to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Installer. 4. Double-click the "Software restriction policies" option. 5. Select “Enforce Software Restriction Policies.” 6. Click “OK” to save the changes. 7. Navigate to Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Software Restriction Policies. 8. Right-click on the Software Restriction Policies folder and select “New Software Restriction Policies.” 9. Select the appropriate settings for your needs and apply them. 10. Restart the system for the changes to take effect.


How do I stop Windows 10 from restarting?
1. Go to the Start menu, select Settings 2. Choose Update & Security 3. Select "Windows Update" on the left side 4. Select "Advanced Options" 5. Select "Choose how updates are installed" 6. Select "Notify to schedule restart" 7. Click the "OK" button at the bottom of the window.
What is the name of the new Windows 10 commercial?
The new Windows 10 commercial is called "The Moment".
How to control which apps can access your webcam in Windows 10?
1. Open the Settings app by clicking the Start Menu and selecting the cog icon. 2. Select Privacy and then Camera in the left-hand menu. 3. Scroll to the Choose which apps can access your camera option and use the toggle switches to allow or deny access to specific apps, or to all apps. 4. Once you are happy with your selection, close the Settings window.
How to create Restore point in Windows 8?
1. Go to the Start button and type ‘System Protection’ in the Search field. You'll see ‘Create a restore point’ in the list of results. 2. Click on ‘Create a restore point’ and the System Properties dialog box will appear. 3. Click on the System Protection tab, which features a Create button. 4. Click Create. 5. Type in a description and click Create again. 6. The restore point creation process will begin. When it's done, the System Protection tab will show the newly created restore point and the message ‘The restore point was created successfully’.
What kind of diagnostic data does Windows 10 collect?
Windows 10 collects a range of diagnostic data including system and hardware performance, device configuration and layout, and system reliability information. It also collects information about how users use Windows features, such as which features they use, how often, and for how long. Additionally, Windows may collect error reports, crash logs, and other data about processes that stop responding or other problems you encounter. If you enable location-tracking, Windows will also collect location data. Finally, Windows will collect data from any Microsoft products and services you may use.
How do I set up auditing in Windows 10?
To set up auditing in Windows 10, do the following: 1. Open the Start menu and type secpol.msc. Right-click on the result, and then select Run as administrator to open the Local Security Policy window. 2. Inside the Local Security Policy window, navigate to Security Settings > Local Policies > Audit Policy. 3. Double-click on the Audit policy option you wish to enable or disable. In the Audit Properties window, check the boxes for the setting you would like to track, and then click on OK. 4. Once you’ve enabled the requisite audit policies, click on the Apply button to save the changes. 5. To monitor the results, open the Event Viewer by typing eventvwr.msc in the Start menu. Navigate to the Security log to view the logged events.